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WITCO offers water based textile screen printing inks, silicone ink bases and customer support. Our performance enhancers process aids facilitates you to obtain the finish of your textiles, that is above industry standards going beyond achieving a simple coating, lubricating, waterproofing and softening and helps you to create functional fabrics and intelligent textiles. Our products shall ensure to add unique moisture-management, wrinkle-free, stretch and recovery properties resulting with comfort, durability and style.


WITCO takes pride in presenting Sri Lanka’s wheel turners with the very best of world renowned Industrial and automotive lubrication solutions. Vast span of requirements of our clients from Power train Lubrication, Brake Lubrication, Vehicle Interior Lubrication to Synthetic or mineral blends with special additives, Knitting and needle lubricants and specialty lubricants gives you options for meeting your industrial lubrication needs as per the load, environment, temperature and speed.


WITCO’s polymer solutions line caters to a vivid array of customer needs. We enjoy the pleasure of supplying some of the world class brands to our local industrialists. Our polymer solutions range from thermoplastic polyurethane, polyester, polyether and specialty adhesive compounds to organic and synthetic polymers which enables our clients to link the rubber and plastic gap pushing them to reach to their industrial skies as that’s their only limit being industry partners with WITCO.

Life Care

With our line of WITCO Life Care products, we understand the fragility and the uncertainty of our client requirements when making the right choices, that’s safe for all life and is satisfying at the same time. Indulging the senses is no joke and being safe along side is a more of a constant battle faced by our food manufacturing and cosmetics industrialists on a daily basis. We are proud of being able to be their sigh of relief serving them from head to toe over a decade.

Risk Management

In today’s economic conditions, managing risk and compliance is increasingly becoming a greater burden on industrial contractors and providers. We understand these issues and a series of systems are in the pipeline that’s designed to minimize your risks.

Our services in this regards include:

  • Access to Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) delivered with all chemicals.
  • Splash resistant chemical dispensing units.
  • Specialized equipment training and related material handling and compliance.
  • Environmentally friendly cleaning agents and systems.
  • Quality accredited supply chain infrastructure.

Quality practices

WITCO is a company committed to meet or achieve above industry standards of processes followed, delivering highest quality results for clients and the industry in general.

Warehousing & Distribution

Our distribution network is extensive and covers all corners of Sri Lanka. We have warehouse facilities in Colombo. Using these geographical points we can guarantee goods will be delivered on time and reduce any unforeseen back orders or down time. Our strengths would extend in:

  • Bonded warehouse.
  • Locally diversified distribution network.
  • Just in time stock management.
  • Vendor managed inventory.
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